6 Myths about IT Staff Augmentation

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The augmentation of IT staff has recently emerged as one of the most popular models for outsourcing talent on a contract basis. Slowly but surely, companies are reaping the benefits of increasing staff and understanding how this model of hiring externally works.

However, there are some who are using this staffing solution incorrectly. According to some companies, IT staff augmentation is costly, inflexible, and prone to quality issues. But these are just misconceptions about the IT market, and they should be discussed within this article.

In fact, IT contract staffing is the perfect way to fill the talent gap, reduce hiring costs, meet business issues, and accelerate development. Beyond that, there are many advantages to employing experienced professionals on a contract basis in order to satisfy the requirements of the project.

However, we will detail the benefits of the augmentation of IT staff. Let’s get some misconceptions debunked here.

Staff Augmentation Is Expensive

There’s a misconception that employers have about the hourly cost structure of the staff members who have been augmented. Since it’s an hourly service, it’s bound to be more expensive than the permanent hiring model. This isn’t accurate.

Many companies think that hiring technical staff always means that they pay on time. It’s not true, since it is comprised of a variety of other expenses as well. If you employ permanent employees, they are responsible for the cost of onboarding, maintenance, training, and their monthly salary costs.

The IT staff augmentation business covers the boarding and education costs. In such a case, you are charged for the development services stipulated within the agreement. This is for a time-bound period.

Finally, staff augmentation can be more cost-effective than hiring permanent resources and can help reduce the costs that follow.

There is no need to pay a fixed salary for the staff members who have been augmented.

There is no need to purchase unique benefits like travel allowances and PF.

There is no need to invest in corporate assistance for the increased membership.

Social security benefits are not covered; a cost is required.

Management- and communication-related issues

It is common that offshore teams are offered from different places. Regarding this, numerous employers feel that it is difficult to connect across time zones. This means that communications related to projects can hinder the process to a large extent.

Differentiated communication tools are the best solution to this problem.Business professionals and augmenting teams can easily collaborate remotely and without difficulty. communicate with the staff according to scheduled times and at any time to simplify the process of working.

Here are some communication applications that have evolved into trailblazers for quick collaboration and information sharing.


It’s an instrument for collaboration between teams within the company and external resources. an online, accessible area where your team members as well as the augmenting staff can create collaboration based on knowledge.

Confluence provides a specific area to brainstorm ideas for projects and capture ideas, as well as provide access and work seamlessly. Every member of the team who is on Confluence is able to view the information for a more efficient working process.

Microsoft Teams:

Organizing meetings, reviews, feedback, and meetings is crucial to making sure that software development projects are successful. Microsoft Teams have already been used in the field of technology. However, its rapid growth is seen after the pandemic, as is remote working with teams.

It is certain that Microsoft Teams is simple to use as a communication platform for both teammates on both teams.


is an email and communication tool for businesses to keep in touch with external sources. The tool lets you communicate with colleagues and build an efficient workspace that allows you to collaborate.

Slack offers a mobile application which lets users exchange and read messages and share documents and files, as well as incorporate Google Docs, DropBox, Skype, Jira, etc.

Less Control Over the Projects

Another common misunderstanding among a few businesses is that hiring an outsourced development team means losing internal control.Many people believe that there is no oversight of the process as staff augmentation companies take on the entire responsibility.

One of the most common misconceptions is that if the augmentation partner who is dedicated provides the resources, then it’s entirely under the control of the provider. However, it doesn’t operate this way. The inclusion of external developers working on your project will be completely in your hands.

Set up specific tasks, request feedback, make adjustments, and carry out everything with the additional staff on their own. Know that the contact staff is working exclusively on your project during an agreed-upon time. Therefore, during the timeframe, they’re totally committed to your company and under your control.

Time and Cultural Differences

It’s a myth related to the previously clarified communication-related one. The staff augmentation team, which is located in different places, may have distinct time zones. If employers collaborate with an outside resource partner, it’s obligatory to observe their time zones.

But this is a myth and has been completely refuted. Take note of the communication tools we talked about earlier. Tools and other methods are available to organizations today to plan meetings and collaborative timelines. There should be no time shortages or differences when conducting remote work.

On the issue of culture, there may be variations. There could be a distinct way of working for companies based overseas and IT companies that offer staff augmentation located in India. Therefore, there may not be any cultural differences between you and your team members.

Low-Quality Development

In addition, some companies think that IT staff increases result in lower-quality work and lower productivity. This is because remote teams require larger teams to complete development because they work across different time zones. The project might not go as planned.

However, IT resource augmentation can help you with the particular software development project more efficiently. Remote teams have flexible working hours, are committed to their work, and are more accountable. As mentioned earlier, augmented teams are in your hands to oversee assignments, spread tasks out, and scale up and down as needed.

The most important thing is that the quality of the work will be superior and enhanced because of the involvement of industry-leading experts on a contract basis. In addition, you could also hire new employees from the best companies for staff augmentation in India to meet your needs.

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