Best Digital Magazine Software: Features and Factors to Choose one!

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A digital magazine is an online or electronic magazine that is published and delivered digitally. Digital magazines are usually available on the Internet, but they can also be downloaded and read later on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. You can create a digital or online magazine using a digital magazine software program. There are a lot of magazine software programs available on the web, but we will discuss how to find the best digital magazine software later in this write-up.

Explaining the difference between a digital magazine and a traditional magazine

Traditional magazines are often known as ‘traditional’ because they are not digital. Traditional magazines are basically paper-printed publications that have been around for decades or even centuries. These magazines are still being printed today and you can locate them at your local newsstand.

Traditional magazines have a more personal feel to them in comparison with digital magazines. The design and layout of a traditional magazine will appeal more to your eye than a digital magazine, which has no physical form but is instead often viewed on a computer screen or mobile devices such as an iPad or iPhone. However, talking about today, traditional magazines are slowly getting replaced with digital magazines. Today, more people would like to read a digital magazine.

Digital magazines are better than traditional magazines because they can be read on a range of devices, are searchable and accessible, allow users to share on social media channels, and have interactive features. Traditional magazines require the user to pay for a subscription or purchase an issue each month at a higher price. This can become costly if you are a frequent reader of these publications. Digital magazines are more affordable as they call for fewer resources to be made or created. Further, they are easy to access.

Digital magazines also have many benefits over traditional magazines. They have no limit on the no. of issues that can be downloaded per month, which makes them more cost-effective for readers who like to read multiple issues in one sitting. The online format allows for better interactivity with readers as well as amazing graphics and design options that cannot be found in print format.

Main features of digital magazine software:

Some of the main features of the best digital magazine software are:

  • Print on demand and print out any no. of copies for your readers
  • Create a beautiful online magazine with a variety of layouts, text styles, and customization
  • Upload images from your PC or mobile device
  • Allowing publishing on the software provider’s server or website
  • Search engine optimization
  • Easy to manage monthly or yearly subscription model
  • Customized security options
  • Add YouTube video clips

How to find the best digital magazine software?

A digital magazine software program allows you to easily create your digital magazine in a matter of minutes.

The factors you should consider when choosing the software include:

1. Pricing

It plays an important role as everybody wants to get the best deal in the world. And for this, you need to check the prices of a few software vendors online to get an idea.

2. Functionality

You also need to consider what features the page flip software offers, such as being able to flip the pages or zoom in on certain areas of an image. You can also consider the features discussed above in this write-up.

3. Ease of use

You also need to consider whether the page flip software has an interface that’s simple for beginners to understand or not. Make sure the design of the software is intuitive.

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