Create a flipbook online in 5 steps

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Digital flipbooks are digital or online replicas of conventional paper flipbooks. You can create a wide array of digital flipbooks in the form of digital magazines, catalogs, etc. These types of digital publications imitate the reading experience of conventional paper books. It means they copy the turning effect of paper books. It engages the readers and they spend more time reading your content. Let’s discuss how to create a flipbook online in 5 steps.

Step 1: Choose the page flip software

The first step is to choose a page flip software program. There are many factors to consider when choosing a software program. The most important is the ability to create beautiful and professional-looking e-publications.

The software must be able to create ebooks that you can print out and use as you need them. This means it must be able to print on paper, laser printer, or inkjet printer. The software also needs to be able to save your work in various different formats so that you can easily email it or post it on Facebook or another social media website.

You want your publication to be simple for people to use and understand. This means that it should have a good user interface for those who do not know much about computers or how they work.

You also want a program that will allow you to change text size, font, background color, and other options easily in order that your ebook looks great on any surface including paper, tablets, smartphones, and laptops!

Once you have chosen the software, you need to upload your PDF files into it and wait for it to convert them into a flipbook. This process is automated and fast.

Step 2: Integrate interactive components into your flipbook

The next step in how to create a flipbook online is integrating interactive components. Not to mention, interactive components like animations, GIFS, links, videos, and images can make your flipbook more engaging for your customers and prospective customers. A dependable software solution offers easy options to add all these interactive components to your content.

Step 3: Personalization

You can personalize your flipbook with the help of several personalization options offered by your software solution. You can change the background image, colors, and add your logo. No doubt, personalization assists you to maintain your brand integrity on the internet.

Step 4: Sharing is caring

 As soon as you have added interactive components and personalization to your flipbooks, you can share them on many different online platforms. You can share on various social platforms like Twitter or Facebook or you can embed them into your website. You can also share them via a direct link or QR code. Share them freely to get a lot of exposure.

Step 5: Analytics

You can monitor how your flipbook is performing on the internet. You can precisely find out which pages and which ads get the most views and clicks. You can maintain an eye on every activity taking place in your flipbook in real-time.


Digital flipbooks are an online rage at the moment. You have to create them so as to compete with your competitors. The easiest way to create them is with the help of a page flip software solution.

The software solution is very easy to use and it has many other features such as the ability to add links to pages, create blog posts, and even sell products on your website.

The best thing about this software program is that it does not want you to download any additional plugin in your device.

As aforementioned, you can use the software to create a flipbook online in 5 steps.

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