Flipping Page Software is a revolution in the Publishing Industry

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Flipping page software is a kind of tool that converts the ordinary paper book into a stunning digital flipping book. And it is comprehensively used in our everyday life. Nowadays, people are more willing to read digital e-books rather than paper books for many reasons. For example, it’s much easier to read an electronic book on portable devices like a mobile phone or tablet rather than a paper book.

Digital publishing software

In addition, it’s so space-saving that you can save thousands of books in a small device. You can take your e-books with you wherever you go and read them whenever you want. Also, those books will never be out of date no matter how old they are.

The above advantages have already made people prefer digital books to paper books. But there is one thing that does not change, that is the way we read a book, turn over every single page with fingers.

What if we can flip pages as if we read a real paper book? That must be awesome! There is such kind of software called flipping page software which can make your dreams come true! This kind of software provides various customizable settings and easy operation methods to let you create outstanding flipping books easily and quickly!

Nowadays, there are more and more publishing companies using this kind of software.

What do you mean by flipping page software?

Page flip software is that type of software that helps a user to create digital publications with the help of PDF files. A person can also easily convert his PDFs into a format that can be viewed on a mobile device or computer in the form of a flipbook.

This software is a professional tool for the creation of digital publications (for example, magazines, brochures, catalogs, etc.).

The program allows you to create interactive publications from PDF and image files. These can be viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android systems.

Benefits of flipping page software

The benefits are as follows:

1. It helps to create a digital publication from your PDFs.

2. It helps to convert PDFs into e-books that can be viewed on any device like a mobile phone or computer.

3. It provides complete control over the content like backgrounds, buttons, sounds, pictures, and text.

4. One can also protect its book with a password that cannot be accessed by anyone else without your permission.

Additional Benefits:

1. Enhance brand awareness: You can add logo, link and book title to the flash magazine, which helps to enhance your brand awareness.

2. Share via a QR code: Not to mention, the latest technology in the marketing and distribution channel is a QR code. And the good news is that the majority of flipbook software allows you to share your flipbook via a QR code.

3. Flexible distribution platform: It enables you to publish your digital publications on different platforms including PC, Mac, Mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android phone/tablet), Facebook and Twitter etc.

Final Words

This software is a revolution in the publishing industry. It is a program that enables you to create realistic, HTML5-based page flipping digital publications. It allows you to convert PDF files into HTML5-digital books with a vivid and realistic page turning effect. Imported PDF documents can be viewed online or offline, shared on websites, blogs and social networks.

The software offers you the possibility to create fully customized digital publications with a professional appearance, which will display information in a dynamic way.

As a smart publisher or businessman, you should invest in a quality software program. You can explore the web to find your options.

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