Goodbye, Stubborn Stomach Fat!

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Once we start working out, we realize that some areas in our body tend to lose fat quickly and then there are some extremely stubborn areas where no matter how much effort you put, it just won’t work.

Now, if we look generally and closely, we realize that the stubborn layer of fat accumulation happens in different areas according to different genders. For males, fat usually collects around the back, the stomach, or what you would lovingly call, your ‘love handles’, whereas in the case of females, this stubborn flesh usually amasses around the butt, thighs, and the good old stomach.

It must have happened a lot of times, when you would think that you are giving all your strength into working out; that every drop of sweat you perspire will work in some way or the other into toning your body down, but what you assume, never happens. No matter how much you walk on that treadmill or run around the block, those areas just don’t seem to get lean and that makes you more and more anxious and flustered.

You know you have worked hard and the thought of giving up on those particular areas might have also struck you, but don’t. Please don’t. You still have a long way to go and you know it in your heart that you can do it. Just stay focused and we will help you get through it.


The first and foremost rule of losing weight and getting that hot, toned body that you have always wanted is – burn more calories than you consume. By doing so, you tend to create an imbalance of energy in your body, also called calorie deficit, due to which your body is forced to seep in and consume your body’s stored energy to keep functioning. The main source through which your body acquires energy is called triglyceride, or stored body fat in other terms. If you pay attention and carry on with your diet in an intelligent manner, almost all of the weight that you will lose will be solely the fat accumulated inside your body.


Hmm, now this is an important question. According to studies, females have a considerably tougher time in getting rid of body fat, as compared to males, especially when it comes to that horrifying, stubborn body fat. In short, it is way more difficult for women to get those toned thighs than it is for men to have a defined set of six-pack abs.

Until and unless you become slim, it would be hard for you to discover stubborn fat, which is usually hidden beneath your overall body fat. It will only appear that your body is losing weight proportionally and not in any particular area. To detect stubborn fat, you have to be at a considerably low total body fat percentage.

In the case of males, stubborn fat generally starts being an issue at approximately 10% body fat, and at the same time, in the case of females, this fat starts creating problems at around 18% body fat. The reason behind this could be credited to the body’s characteristics to get rid of different kinds of fat in a predictable order.

Always remember: The slimmer you become, the harder it becomes for you to get rid of the residual body fat.


In the majority of the cases, getting rid of stubborn fat is like a war of slow destruction. You might have to keep up with the calorie deficit in your body to the point that your last little pockets give away and vanish.

Why Should You Focus on Food Health and Fitness!

Apart from an excessive level of patience, there is not much that you require to get rid of stubborn fat. You’ve probably heard people say that fasted training, fifteen different supplements, and special foods are the best ways to get rid of stubborn fat. Not only are these unnecessary, but there’s also almost no evidence they work.

Instead of following this, let us take a look at what works –

  1. Wait Longer: The leaner you get, the slower it becomes for you to get rid of stubborn fat, and that is natural. But people don’t usually understand the way it works. The moment they stop losing weight, they get worried and anxious and begin doing elaborate methods to speed up the process. In the majority of the cases, you might only lose 50 to 60 grams of fat in a week, once you get fully lean. In such a case, don’t worry, and just remember that you are doing everything right on your part and the only thing that you need to do now is to wait and have patience. At other times, you may also have to increase your calories in the short term before worrying about getting rid of stubborn fat.
  2. Weigh your food: To lose that annoyingly stubborn bump of fat, one certain thing is that you have to be cruelly strict with your diet. In most cases, it means planning your meals and weighing your food. Once you have reached your very low body fat levels, you are more likely to underestimate the intake of your calories. Don’t make that mistake and keep a check on what you consume and how much you consume.
  3. Lower your calorie intake: As you get leaner, the number of calories that you burn will drip. To keep on losing fat, you will probably have to eat less, move more, or maybe do both. In a majority of the population, it is best if you try and do both of them thus, ensuring weight loss at any cost.
  4. Do Low-Intensity Cardio: Just giving up on calories and doing little or no sweating out will do you no good. In addition to dropping your calorie intake, you will have to increase your daily activity levels. To do so, low-intensity activities such as walking, hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, easy cycling, and throwing a Frisbee is usually recommended. In most cases, this is enough to help you burn another 100-200 calories per day. When you combine that with a small drop in your calorie intake, you will usually start losing fat again.
  5. Do High-Intenity Cardio: For the same amount of time, High-Intensity Interval Training, also popularly known as HIIT, burns more calories and increases catecholamine more than low-intensity exercise. The only disadvantage of HIIT is that when you’re already very lean, adding 1-2 interval workouts per week can considerably lower down your strength. That’s why I think it might be best to start with easier activity and then use HIIT if you feel you must. If you want to go for interval training, keep your focus on exercises that mostly use concentric muscle contractions. That means cycling, rowing, swimming, and preferably less running. These kinds of workouts tend to interfere less with strength training.
  6. Try Caffeine: Caffeine is probably the only supplement that might help in losing weight. Caffeine has the property to increase adrenaline levels, fat burning, blood flow, and metabolic rate, to a moderate degree, which could help in getting rid of fat. But the sad part is, there is no particular proof that it can help get rid of stubborn fat more than regular body fat. The best part though – It is cheap, safe, and easily available. Plus it’s a good excuse to drink coffee.
  7. Lower Your Carbohydrate Intake: Diets that are low in carbohydrate tend to decrease the activity of alpha 2 receptors and lower insulin levels, which could help in mobilizing stubborn fat. However, the disadvantage that lingers with it is that low-carb diets almost always decrease your strength, and usually cause muscle loss when you’re dieting to low body fat levels. The benefits are only theoretical, and most successful bodybuilders who get to the absolute limits of leanness generally eat high carb diets.

In conclusion, remember that no matter what you do, some parts of your body are going to lose fat slower than others. These patches of stubborn fat are the last to leave, but they will disappear eventually. Maintain a calorie deficit; eat enough protein; and lift adequate weights and you will be able to get rid of every patch of stubborn fat on your body.

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