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‘Coolest Third Umpire’ Campaign

With Hitachi Air-Conditioners, Third Umpires have gained ground for the first time throughout this cricket season. 

  • Betting big on cricket season, Hitachi’s “Coolest Third Umpire” to be a major hit on social media 
  • Actor Kiku Sharda attract millions of eyes in the new Third Umpire role

New Delhi; April 20, 2023: With the launch of its Coolest Third Umpire campaign, Hitachi Cooling & Heating India, a brand that is synonymous with air conditioning, has solidified its position as the most well-known air conditioning brand in India. Since cricket is more than just a game in India, it is also an emotion, the brand hopes to connect with the internet-savvy and cricket-loving generation through this quirky campaign. The corporation has made a strategic marketing shift with a focus on new sports branding and rising digital media routes to forge a strong relationship with millennial consumers. The corporation is implementing cutting-edge marketing techniques to take the social media world by storm as it places an enormous bet on the cricket season. 

In cricket, the third umpire makes the ultimate result, yet nobody is aware of his appearance. What does he do when he’s free? Does he seem casual or serious? Hitachi Cooling & Heating India has launched a quirky campaign intending to spark internet users’ interest in the Third Umpire and create a humorous connection between the cricket world and the new exciting features of Hitachi air conditioners that never fail to astound their customers. Actor Kiku Sharda is returning with this campaign as the Coolest Third Umpire to entertain and engage people during this hot cricket season. With a humorous preview, the campaign will take on all major social platforms – Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter – and will include 5 extremely engaging episodes. The video will be available in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam in addition to Hindi.

Discussing the new campaign “We are committed to revolutionizing the way consumers perceive and connect with air conditioning products in India,” stated Nilesh Shah, Senior VP, Business Planning and Marketing, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd. The company was inspired to produce another hilarious, upbeat, and very entertaining video campaign following the phenomenal success of the “Nothing Dirty” social media song and the “Who is Suraj” social media content AV, which amassed over 30 Crore video views on YouTube alone. With our ‘Coolest Third Umpire’ Campaign, which appeals to a wide population, we have now highlighted cricket season. As every cricket season causes excitement among fans and actor Kiku Sharda is well-known, there is no better occasion or person to present our “Coolest Third Umpire” campaign. With this innovative approach, we anticipate surpassing millions of organic views.

Actor-Comic Mr. Kiku Sharda speaking about his relationship with the company said, “I personally am a huge fan of Cricket. While watching matches I often used to picture funny scenarios about the mysterious Third Umpire. What he would look like or dress like or maybe snoring through the match when he is not needed. I was excited to work on this concept and I hope people will enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed working on it. Hitachi is a great brand and I am delighted that I got to embody their Coolest Third Umpire.”

The most popular sport in India is cricket, and there is just one umpire who sits in an air-conditioned room, notably the Third Umpire. The brand is riding high on this campaign by delivering a perspective of the third umpire and giving it a face in a very humorous and thrilling way. The advertising campaign aims to introduce viewers to the unimaginable and neglected existence of a third umpire. 

The campaign also effectively and creatively highlights the company’s most recent ‘New Air’ brand statement. The firm recently unveiled its newest airHome series of air conditioners, redefining the cool, clean, cost-saving, and comfort features of air conditioning. The airHome series of air conditioners strives to produce a signature statement for both interiors and cooling performance by drawing on the Duality Design philosophy and its Japanese roots. The superb craftsmanship of the Japanese katana, the best sword in the world, served as inspiration for the duality design concept. The airHome series introduces richness and comfort with its dual panel look, dual surface finish, dual platinum and dual gold colour tone, longer lasting Star white colour, emphasize curve design, signature wave design, and more. It sets the highest standards of design in air conditioning for living areas. 

Popular actor and cricket enthusiast Suresh Menon wrote the funny ad for Hitachi Cooling & Heating India, which was developed by the GroupM Content team in collaboration with One Network Entertainment. 

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About Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited:

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited is a joint venture between Johnson Controls of the United States and Hitachi Appliances of Japan. Through this joint venture, we have combined Hitachi’s rich heritage and cutting-edge technology with Johnson Controls’ industry-leading knowledge and global network. The cooperation aims to meet cooling needs more quickly, intelligently, and effectively than ever before. Our customers will benefit from our world-class R&D centers, where our researchers work diligently to deliver new solutions and high-quality products that exceed all expectations. Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning Company has a global presence, with a unit in India known as “Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited.”

Under Hitachi Cooling & Heating India brand, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited produces a variety of goods, including room air conditioners (Split & Window ACs) and commercial air conditioners like VRF System, cassette air conditioners, ductable air conditioners, and chillers. The company also engages in the trading of refrigerators in addition to the manufacture of air conditioners.

The headquarter of Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, while its manufacturing unit is in Kadi, Gujarat. Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited is one of the leading air-conditioning firms in India.

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