LG Washing Machines Under 10000: Tough on Stains & Easy on Pocket

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LG washing machines are renowned for their powerful features and effective wash performance. The Direct Drive technology, which creates six distinct motions that elevate the washing of garments to a whole new level, is one of the washing machine’s primary technological features. Compared to traditional washing machines, Direct Drive washing machines are high-efficiency devices that use less water and energy.

LG is one of the go-to brands when it comes to any sort of electronic device. It is one of the best-selling washing machine brands in the Indian market. The LG washing machine models are quite popular and the crowd’s favorite. Also, purchasing a proficient washer on a budget is equally important. To help you further, here is the list of the best LG washing machines that cost under 1000. Check it out and buy most affordable!

  • LG P7252N3FA Machine:

It’s a 6.2Kg capacity LG washing machine that has a top load. In this model, there is also a dryer inbuilt in the model. Some of the technologies included in it are wind jet dry and rat away technology present inbuilt in them. 3 different wash programs are gentle, normal, and also strong. There are available in different colours and you can choose them based on your preferences. One of the most affordable washing machines which will not empty your pocket at the same time.

  • LG P7001R3F Machine:

The semi-automatic top load LG washing machine is best in terms of price and at the same time considering the features present in them. It’s a 6Kg washing machine that is available in grey colour. The model is updated in 2022 and is the best model when compared with the price.

 The wash programs are more than enough when you use them rarely or when you are someone who stays in a hostel. One of the most liked and budget-friendly washing machine under 10000. The size of the washing machine is 43Dx70Wx90Hcm. You can easily store and use this compatible and affordable washing machine. 

  • LG P7020NGAZ Machine

This is a 7Kg washing machine; Even though it’s not an LG automatic washing machine, it is best to go with when you are looking for a minimum-budget washing machine model. There are 3 wash programs including a gentle wash, a normal wash, and a strong wash. A semi-automatic washing machine which holds for 7Kg capacities in total. 

This kind of model will suit couples. If you are quite a big family, it is better to switch to LG automatic washing machine with quite a capacity of about 10Kg to 15Kgs. Some of the additional features included in the LG washing machine are a normal pulsator and a control method.

  • LG P7525SPAZ Machine

A 5-star washing machine that holds a capacity of about 7.5Kgs. It’s not an LG automatic washing machine, but this semi-automatic would be a perfect option to go with. You can get this washing machine under 10000 where there are steal deal offers on online sites. There are 3 wash programs included and the rotational speed is about 1300rpm. Since the rotational speed is quite higher, the dryer process would be done soon. The pulsator used is the roller jet pulsator which will ensure a fast and effective washing experience.

  • LG FHM1408BDL Washing Machine

Even though this is not a washing machine under 10000, you can go on to this model if you are looking for the best quality bigger loading capacity washing machine. It’s an 8Kg washing machine which is available in silver colour. A fully automatic front load washing machine which has an in-built technology present in it. The cost is quite higher than the other models, but it’s worth comparing to the features and specifications present in them. 

There are like 10 different wash programs included and the rotational speed is about 1400rpm. Since the model has a 5-star rating and it withholds a capacity of about 8Kgs in total. There is even a separate section for baby care and there is even an auto-restart and water heater technology.

  • LG P6001RGZ Washing machine 

If a semi-automatic washing machine is something you are looking for, then you can definitely invest in this LG washing machine variant. The 6kg capacity of this amazing washing machine will ideally suit the requirements of bachelors, students, couples and nuclear families of 3 to 4 members. You can easily get this washing machine under 10000 from the Indian market. It comes with noteworthy features like an Anti-rust drum, Roller Jet Pulsator, Collar Scrubber, Lint collector, 3 Wash Program, an LED panel and many more. 

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