Metal core PCB: Why are they important!

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Metal core PCB is a kind of PCB that is made up of metal base material, generally aluminum or copper alloy. Metal core PCBs are characterized by their ability to effectively manage and dissipate the heat generated by their components.

The layer of metal acting as the base in the MCPCB technology can be either an entire layer or just a solid area on the board. These metal layers act as the heat sink in this type of PCB, distributing heat away from the critical electrical components being used. This heat dissipation allows for higher wattage loads to run more efficiently than they could on a standard FR4 PCB.

These PCBs are designed for applications that require heat dissipation and thermal conductivity. The base metal is usually an alloy material with high thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of linear expansion. The dielectric layer is in between the copper layer and the base metal.

These metal core PCBs are more commonly called MCPCBs as they are exceptionally unique and have advantages over traditional PCBs.

Special applications of metal core PCB

Metal core printed circuit boards are a type of PCB that uses a base metal material. The most common metal used is aluminum, but copper and steel can also be used.

The main purpose of metal core PCBs is the effective dissipation of heat from the board. Therefore, they are often used in power distribution circuits, power amplifiers and other high wattage applications.

These boards have many advantages. They offer more mechanical stability than FR4 or CEM1-3 PCBs as they can be made thicker and this prevents warping during the assembly process. They also offer better thermal conductivity and lower dielectric constant compared to standard FR4 materials, which leads to less signal loss and cross talk interference. They also offer greater dimensional stability and improved environmental durability due to their lower thermal expansion coefficient

In addition to this, they are available in larger panel sizes than standard FR4 materials, making them preferable for high volume manufacturing environments.

Picking the best MCPCB provider

If you look for an MCPCB provider, you will get plenty of choices. So how do you choose an appropriate metal core PCB providing company? Here are some tips for you:

1. Experience – You should select a company with many years of experience in the metal core PCB manufacturing field so that they can provide you with high-quality products at reasonable prices.

2. Quality control – The metal core PCB providing company must have strict quality control systems to ensure that they produce only high-quality products on time and within budget limits.

3. Prices – The prices of the provider should be so high that it burns a hole in your pocket. Do market research and find out the standard market prices and compare them with the prices offered by your prospective provider.

4. ISO certification – The most common and simple practice to find out the quality of the company is by making sure that the company is ISO certified.

Final Thoughts

Metal core PCB is a kind of flexible PCB with copper foil as the circuit layer. The copper foil is bonded to a metal core and cut into different shapes by laser. It is used for making flexible circuits and can be flexed without damage. It has many advantages such as high thermal stability, high breakdown voltage, low dielectric constant, good heat dissipation, lightweight, and so on.

It is widely used in the automotive industry because it has excellent electrical performance and high strength. It is also used in medical equipment, solar energy products, LED lights and other fields. If you want to get MCPCBs, make a quick Google search.

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