The Rising Popularity of Online Flipbook Software & Online Flipbooks

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The developing technology in the field of the publishing industry has created innovations like online flipbook software. This software has taken the publishing industry by storm. In the present time, more and more publishers & entrepreneurs are making use of this software to greatly engage their customers and subscribers. Without a doubt, this software has made publishing so much easy and fun that even technologically challenged people can use it without facing any hassle. You can use your favorite search engine to start a free trial of this software. Currently, there are a lot of online flipbook software providers on the internet that are known to provide high quality software at cost effective prices.

What is a flipbook?

Flipbooks are a type of digital publication that was made popular in the 1990s. They combine different types of media to create a book-like experience for users. This content may be anything from text and images to videos and drawings. The page flipping effect is achieved by using JavaScript or HTML5, which triggers the animation when the user swipes their finger across the screen, side to side.

The paper printed book-like experience is highly engaging and are admired by readers across the world. Flipbooks can be made in the form of various digital publications for instance digital magazines, digital newspapers, ebooks, and more. No doubt, businesses that want to educate and inform their customers about their business and new products or services make use of flipbooks to capture their attention. Flipbooks are simple, clutter-free, cost effective, and environment friendly. Further, you can create them quickly.

What are the benefits of online flipbook software?

One of the benefits of using online flipbook software is that you can create your own content without much work. The software has amazingly user friendly interface. It is very cost effective and there’s no need to worry about any hidden fees. Another benefit is that the software will automatically update any changes made by users. You can access this software from just about anywhere with the internet.

This software allows a number of advanced sharing options. You can share it on your social media pages, email it, or use it in your email signature. Some of the advanced online flipbook software programs also allow you to share the flipbooks using a QR code.

Flipbooks are mobile friendly because the software runs on HTML5 technology. The design of the flipbooks is responsive. As a result, your readers and customers do not have to zoom in and out to view your digital publications. They work pitch perfect on the different screen sized Apple and Android products.

Why use online flipbooks for your business?

Online flipbooks are becoming increasingly popular because they help you connect with your audience. They are also significantly less expensive to produce than a print book which is great for businesses on tight budgets. You can even make them shareable! The best part is that digital files never run out of stock.

Further, you can use online flipping books as the landing pages of your website. You can collect marketing data with ease.

You can enjoy having analytics data of your content. You can monitor who is viewing your content and from where and by using which device and browser. You can have important metrics of your content at your disposal.

You can lock and restrict your content from unauthorized access. Data security becomes easy with online flipping books.


Online flipbook software is an innovative, high-tech product that delivers an interactive and immersive reading experience. Unlike traditional versions, digital versions are easy to produce, share, and maintain. With the help of online flipping books, you can not only save money but can also capture the attention of your customers and subscribers.

You can sign up on a trustworthy and high-quality digital publishing platform today and create some awesome digital flipping book experiences for your readers. You can create flipping books for as low as 15-25 USD for a month. Many software vendors even do not want you to give your credit or debit card details to avail of their free trial. You can just sign up using your Google or Facebook account and start the free trial.

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