Smart TV vs Android TV: Which is Better

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Buying a TV is a lot harder than it used to be. TV technology is fluid and ever-changing. No longer should we choose a TV based on our television viewing habits. Think of what you use your TV for today. It is a streaming service, a social media center, a music facilitator, a photographic display, a gaming centre, an internet-based information provider. It is not easy to find the right television as you will find an ample number of options to choose from. Considering the trending market of television, you need to choose one between the two options, and which are Android and smart television. Many of you would have difficulty understanding the basic differences between a smart and an Android TV, but before you make a purchase, understanding the difference between a Smart and an Android TV is very important. Both are very similar, but you need to know the difference if you are making a high investment. Here are the basics that will help you compare and differentiate between the two and buy smart TV online:

What is a smart television?

A smart television is like an internet and computer system that can offer you various content and programs with the help of internet connectivity. It is more like having a computer built into your TV. Unlike your normal television, it is not about some hazy and limited channels that you see. There are various features and it is connected with all your smart devices so that you can enjoy any content from all over the world. When you connect your smart television with the internet, you will be able to use various applications and social media applications, and games that you are interested in. It does not have any particular operating system. It is good for applications and games that can be supported by general operating systems. You cannot play a specific application that is only designed for android or iOS.

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What is an Android television?

As the name suggests, an android is a smart television with a specific operating system and that is Android. You use a phone that runs on an Android operating system and this smart television is also the same thing. Android TVs can connect to the Google Play Store, and like Android smartphones, can download and update applications that are present in the play store. You can operate and control an android television from your smartphone and also use voice assistance to make sure you can utilize the google assistant to give orders to your television.  

Difference between a smart television and an Android television

  • Application: When you choose to buy a television, you get confused between a smart television and an Android TV. Now, when you consider applications, in an android television you will be able to explore the entire Google Play store from which you can download an unlimited number of applications. The applications will be those that are supported by the android operating system. You cannot go for any other operating system application like an iOS application. Like your android phone will not support the iOS application, your television is the same. For a smart television, you don’t have any specific operating system and you can go ahead and play any application that your Television will support. If you find any application that is only supported by a specific operating system you cannot play it on smart tv.
  • Games: Games are important and for a flat-screen experience, many are investing in a smart television or an Android TV. When you go for an android television you can explore all the games that are there in the Google play store. It will help you get unlimited access to a wide range of android games. For a smart television, you can download the games that are supported in all forms and devices without the need for a specific platform.
  • Amazing pictures: Amazing pictures: stunning picture quality with 4k resolution and ultra high definition pictures with IPS pictures will win your heart. It feels luxurious watching where you can feel every picture and inch. The smart television is known for a picture-perfect image and you can enjoy the large flat screen for any sort of show or video. It is a great experience and does not seem to be any less than a multiplex. When you go for an android television, you may not be very happy as those televisions are more inclined to gaming, application and browsing based.
  • Expensive: A smart is expensive as compared to an android television. Yes, if you are taking an android television you will have to pay a huge amount. Smart television is costly, but not as much as an android.

Finishing up

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