Things to Know About Page Turning Software

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Page turning software gives you the ability to create digital books, magazines and catalogues. You can use this software to convert static PDFs into interactive, digital products that look spectacular. Page turning software allows you to add additional functionality including:

  • Embedding of audios
  • Embedding of videos
  • Embedding of hyperlinks
  • Embedding of animations
  • Embedding of pop-ups
  • Embedding of pictures

Page turning software takes you straight to your content with an engaging experience that has been proven to increase time spent on page. When your reader can navigate through a book at their own pace, it allows them to feel more involved and leads them to enjoy the overall reading experience more.

The software is known for creating amazing, interactive multi-page print documents that combine the look and feel of a paperback book with the capabilities of the web.

The software will make your digital content come alive right in front of your audience using motion and interactivity.

The software helps you make the most out of your digital publications. It will save you time and money, even if you’re working with large catalogues.

The software enables you to turn almost any existing PDFs into interactive digital publications. You can add clickable buttons, video, audio and more to your digital publications.

It is a simple and cost-effective way to visually enhance your business.

Page turning software is a great tool for marketers

The software allows for a more interactive experience between the reader and your material, which is why many businesses are using it as a marketing tool. So if you’re looking for a way to bring your content to life, page turning software programs are perfect for you.

Whether you’re heavily into tech or rely on word of mouth, page turning software programs are a modern, convenient way to conveniently sell products, advertise business, and communicate your message.

Digital marketers can use flipbooks as a landing page to capture the required data.

It is a great tool for business owners

It allows you to create professional digital publications, presentations and brochures. The software was designed for businesses, agencies and brand owners who are looking for a way to tell stories in an interactive and engaging way.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can make digital monthly or annual reports with the help of the software.

Well written content with professional page flipping software can create a great impact and establish your company as an authoritative figure in the industry.

It is a great tool for publishers

Publishing houses can make use of page flip software to create immersive digital experiences for their subscribers and readers. They can reach the physical boundaries where it is difficult to reach with a traditional paper printed publication.

With the help of flipping book software, publishers can eliminate costs on printing and distribution. They can make unlimited copies of their publications without needing to put in any extra money and effort.

Modern flipbook software programs can also let digital publishers earn money through paid subscription management features. Publishers can display previews of their content to pull more subscribers towards their business. They can also money out of the free spaces on their digital publications.

It is a great tool for real estate firms

With the help of page turning software, real estate companies can add interactive elements to their content so as to seize the attention of their potential buyers. They can include HD images and videos.

They can have a full analytics report wherein they can get important information about the people that visited their content. They can set future marketing campaigns consequently.

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