Top 5 Exquisite wedding Flowers in Dubai for Glamour and Beauty

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Every single flower that is being incorporated in wedding decoration must be chosen with absolute care, whether it is the centrepiece of the table or flower hangings at different points.  Flowers undoubtedly enhance the elegance and beauty of the wedding venue and for this particular reason it should not be compromised with anything less than the perfect flowers. 

Flowers play a major role in Dubai wedding decoration, and picking the right flower for this mega event of your life might be a little bewildering, especially when you don’t understand much about different flowers used in weddings. Before picking them, you also need to keep in mind the hot and humid weather conditions of Dubai, which makes flowers wilt easily. To make things simpler for your understanding of wedding flowers, here are 5 exquisite wedding flowers in Dubai for this special event are discussed below.


5 Exquisite wedding Flowers

Roses are unsurprisingly the most favourite wedding flowers of not only Dubai but the entire world. Timeless and classic roses are used in varied ways in weddings. They make the most perfect flower for decorations and also for the bridal bouquet and tiara. The most versatile flowers are available in endless colours and shapes. It is believed that more than three thousand roses are cultivated across the globe thus giving varied choices and most of them are available round the year but not all roses are fragrant. Mostly three types of roses are used in the wedding ceremony:  Hybrid tea rose, Spray rose and garden rose. The most preferred hues for weddings in Dubai are pastel shades that include soft pink, dusky light pink, white, cream, and purple. Some people also preferred bright and exotic red roses.


Originally originated from Persia, which is in present day Iran, has found a favourite place in Dubai weddings. This important wedding flower is associated with love and happiness, and using them in weddings makes perfect sense.  These incredibly beautiful flowers are a sure shot way to escalate the glamour quotient of any wedding venue. They are used as wedding flowers in many ways. Right from wall hangings to selfie points, they make the backdrop remarkable. Enthralling tulips come in multiple hues, but pastel shades are cherished most for which includes pink, yellow, peach, cream, and others.


5 Exquisite wedding Flowers

Peonies are highly scented and bright flowers that have found considerable place in emirates weddings. It is highly believed that peonies bring good fortune and happiness in marriages and homes. Available in varied hues, but the most popular choices for weddings are white, yellow, and red. Peonies are incorporated in the venue to create mesmerizing decorations and centrepieces that attract everybody’s eyeballs. The prices of peonies are higher than compared to other flowers, primarily because of its being a seasonal flower. Using peonies in your wedding is definitely a mark of luxury and elegance.


The sweetly scented flowers which are smaller have been popular in weddings since ages. The bell-shaped small flowers are favourite used in wedding bouquets and also for bridal decoration in the form of flower ornaments. The sweet scent and remarkable beauty of lilies surely makes everyone happy at the venue.


The striking hydrangeas are highly preferable for weddings in Dubai. The indomitable beauty of hydrangeas is impossible to avoid. These perfect flowers come in a variety of colours with their lush bloom and are used in centrepieces, hanging points, backdrop, and others. Using hydrangeas creates a romantic atmosphere which is demanded by many couples. The best part about hydrangeas is their ability to withstand harsh and extreme weather. They generally have a longer life, thus insulating it from the wilting process.

Apart from the above-mentioned flowers, some other flowers which are loved in weddings are sweet peas, ranunculuses, calla lily, gardenia and others. Whatever flowers one uses, the only things need to be considered is the freshness of the flower.


Flowers in any wedding are the focal point when it comes to decor. Different kinds of floral arrangements are made in the wedding ceremony to create a vibrant and exotic look. It should not be picked in a rush; rather, careful planning is needed to procure it from a professional florist. There are varied types of flowers which are used in wedding ceremonies but picking flowers which can withstand harsh weather conditions is a must.

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