What is Single Parenting & Single Parenting Myths

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As the name suggests, single parenting is the practice of raising and taking care of kids without having another person equally occupied in the procedure. Nevertheless, the facts of single parenting differ from society to society. In this write-up, we discuss more what is single parenting and some popular myths about single parenting.

Single parenting could be the outcome of a choice. Women that wish to have a kid by non-natural methods, or become pregnant without tying wedding knots, bachelors/spinsters that adopt kids, or those parents that are separated from their spouses are all considered single parents.

Those who involve in single parenting by choice are more susceptible to have planned for the expenses of nurturing kids and had time to set up the arrangement of social & emotional support.

With the increase in the divorce rate, single parent families are apparently turning out the norm. In fact, single parenting stats state that approx. 15 million adults in the US alone are currently raising their minor kids in the single parenting ambience.

In several scenarios, the incidence of nurturing a kid as a single parent is the result of a divorce in the family. Owing to this, the no. of single father parenting families is on the increase.

It doesn’t matter how widespread the scenario of being a single parent has turned out, there are still a lot of parenting myths that go together with the idea of raising a kid by oneself.

Some of the most common single parenting myths are:

Foremost on the single parenting myth list is the notion that the mother would be given custody of a kid most of the time.

Although this thing may have been correct a decade or two years earlier. Things have been changed a lot since then. Provided both parents are mentally & physically sound, a judge would give the custody based on the below given pointers:

  • Who is more financially able?
  • Who lives in a more secure environment?
  • Who lives in an area that has good quality schools?

Further, there are many other factors on which a judge makes the correct decision.

Hence, if it’s the father that fulfills the aforementioned criteria better than the mother, the former one will likely get custody of the minor child.

The second myth is the belief that kids in single parent families get more behavioral issues as compared to those adults that reside with both of their parents.

It is a fact that the finest scenario for any kid living in the stages of developing up is to have his 2 parents living in the same family.

Nevertheless, if a kid is being grown up in a one parent atmosphere, this scenario doesn’t involuntarily make that kid into a disciplinary challenge. To put it simply, youngsters grown up by single parents are no more susceptible to taking drugs or getting poor grades in school than their peers residing in homes where the parents are in a marriage, as several studies have cited.

The next myth about single parenting is an opinion that a single parenting home is moreover a broken home.

A lot of people that have picked to divorce have considered this decision as to the reason why their homes are no more termed as broken – since after the separation is concluded, the 2 parents are no longer located in a home and therefore they are not exposing their kids to the continual fights b/w them.

It’s not factual that kids in single parent set up have lower self respect as compared to those kids living with both parents. Therefore, this wrong belief consists of the next single parenting myth.

One of the major pointers that influence the self respect of kids is their parent’s income level.

So, you know what is single parenting and what are some popular myths associated with it.

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The bottom line

No doubt, single parenting, specifically when it has not been picked, is one of the major challenges somebody could confront and if it implies anything, it implies developing a foundation of suitable communication and confidence with children specifically when they are very young.

You can learn more about what is single parenting on the internet.

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