Work-out tips for beginners

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You are well aware that exercising regularly keeps you healthy and fit even if you don’t know the ABCs of work-out. Before you begin let me tell you regular exercise comes with several benefits such as:

  • It reduces the risk of chronic disease
  • It keeps better mood & mental health
  • It maintains balanced energy levels throughout the day & better sleep
  • It slows down the aging process
  • It’s a boost to mental health and sex life
  • It has positive effects on the microbiome

So, now we know, a good workout gives you a healthy body and mind.


1. Be Inspired

Your first and foremost step when you start working out is to mentally prepare yourself for the days to come. Numerous people begin working out and when they don’t see their desired result soon, they tend to quit and go back to their old habits. You need to understand that getting into the desired shape is not going to be a cakewalk. It might take months or even years, and all you have to do is stay focused, and not give up on yourself. Set an inspiration and work on it.

2. Start Small and Track Your Progress

Don’t look at videos of heavy body-builders and strength trainers and try to copy them. Start small. Workout for a few minutes and eat healthily. Slowly, increase your time of working out and reduce your calorie intake to create a calorie deficit. Take your time; understand your body and track your progress every week. Tracking is important as it helps you keep a note on your training and noticing little progress every week will feel like an achievement, thereby motivating you to do more.

3. Expect setbacks and have a plan B

Everybody experiences setbacks. It is a common part of life. One day, you might be extremely enthusiastic to workout, other days – not so much. But that doesn’t mean that you should spend the rest of the day disappointed in yourself!

Breaks are important too. Take a break from exercising but keep the focus on what you eat to improve your nutrition. Go for a walk or a little run, instead of working out to keep the movement going on. Take a good night’s sleep. It works wonders and when you’ll get up feeling fresh, the next day, your will to workout will regain.

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