Reasons to Choose Officebanao for PVC Ceiling Design for Your Office

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An essential component of any office space’s architecture is a drop ceiling, sometimes known as a fake ceiling. Along with improving the looks, it also fulfils practical needs for ventilation, acoustics, lighting, and other things. Selecting a dependable collaborator for the ceiling installation is crucial when thinking of PVC ceiling design for office. The following ten factors make Officebanao an excellent option for your PVC ceiling design needs:

Huge Design Options

Officebanao provides its clients with an extensive range of pre-designed ceiling arrangement alternatives. Millions of photos featuring various ceiling design styles, such as contemporary geometric patterns, simple linear designs, and rustic textures, have been carefully selected by them. Clients seeking design ideas for their office space and décor theme can peruse these photos on the Officebanao website and mobile app. They provide bespoke ceiling design services in addition to conventional designs. If clients have a specific idea in mind, this enables them to collaborate directly with Officebanao’s skilled designers to develop a distinctive ceiling design concept. All in all, Officebanao guarantees that clients may discover the ideal ceiling design for their requirements thanks to their extensive picture collection and custom design services.

Quality Materials

Using quality materials is a top priority at Officebanao. For ceiling installation, only the finest fire-retardant PVC boards pass their stringent quality checks. These boards undergo rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting durability and withstand high traffic commercial office environments. Their waterproof property protects the ceiling from dampness. Acoustically, the sound absorption characteristics of these boards keep noise levels in control. Aesthetically, Officebanao offers a diverse and latest range of textures, finishes and edge profiles for the boards to complement any interior design style. Customers can also choose from their curated colour palette of over a hundred shades. This variety allows creating the perfect ceiling design as per the office interiors.

Value for Money 

Installing false ceilings in an office space can involve significant costs. The price of ceiling materials like PVC boards, metal grids, lights and other accessories add up quickly. Then there are installation charges by contractors which vary based on the ceiling design complexity and area. Officebanao ensures ceiling projects don’t burn a hole in your pocket. They have streamlined standardized processes for ceiling design and installation that keep costs low. Also, their large network of execution partners across locations allows bulk purchase and installation of materials at volume discounted rates. These savings are passed on to customers. Additionally, Officebanao offers ceiling packages within different budget ranges – basic, standard and luxury. You can select the one that meets your budget and design needs.

Expert Design Consultation

Officebanao has a dedicated team of highly skilled interior designers who are experts in ceiling design. They are available to assist clients from the very beginning of the project. The designers will visit your office space to understand your specific requirements like the look and feel you want to achieve, any functional needs from the ceiling and also take measurements of the area. Based on this they will visualize various ceiling design options using their vast library of designs. They also help clients select the right materials for the ceiling. The designers provide cost estimates for the different design-material options. Throughout the project, from design to installation, the designers will be in touch with the clients to address any queries or concerns, ensuring a smooth process.

Installation Expertise

Officebanao has a dedicated team of highly skilled ceiling installation contractors spread across multiple locations. Having executed thousands of commercial interior projects over the years, they have gained deep expertise in ceiling installation processes. Their installers are well-versed with industry best practices such as leveling & fixing ceiling grids perfectly, smooth installation of boards without gaps or distortion, proper sealing to avoid water or fire issues. The contractors also ensure functional aspects like integrated lighting fixtures and diffusers, acoustic insulation are taken care of during installation. With their extensive network, Officebanao is capable of executing large ceiling projects seamlessly within committed timelines. Their installation quality and expertise gives complete assurance to customers.

Project Management 

Officebanao understands that managing a ceiling installation project requires expertise. They assign a dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact for any ceiling related queries. This ensures smooth communication and swift resolution of issues if any. The project manager uses technology tools to provide real-time updates on the project status. You can track the progress of activities like site preparation, material delivery, installation etc. online or through their app. They also clearly define payment milestones based on completion of certain work stages. This brings financial transparency. Upon completion of a milestone, you release the associated payment which eases cash flow management. The project manager is responsible for ensuring the project is completed as per the committed timeline through efficient coordination.

After-sales Support

Officebanao ensures customer satisfaction doesn’t end after the project completion. They offer after-sales support to address any issues that may come up in the ceiling installation after some time. There is a comprehensive warranty period during which any defects in workmanship or material quality will be fixed free of cost. Even after the warranty expires, any installation or material related problems can be reported to Officebanao. Their expert technicians will promptly inspect the site and take necessary repair or replacement action. Additionally, periodic ceiling maintenance services are also available from Officebanao at nominal costs. This ensures the ceiling remains in good condition for many years to come. Thus, customers can rest assured of post-purchase support every time they choose Officebanao.

Green Credentials  

Officebanao is strongly committed towards environmental sustainability. The PVC ceiling boards used by them are manufactured using recycled content as well as recyclable at the end of the boards’ life. This makes them eco-friendly. Additionally, all adhesives, paints and other material requirements are fulfilled using low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) green products. VOCs are known to release fumes that are hazardous for health as well as contribute to global warming. By using low/non-VOC alternatives, Officebanao ensures a low carbon footprint for their ceiling installations and overall operations.

Portfolio of Work

Some of their portfolio projects include ceilings for large corporate offices, banks, hospitals, malls and more. You can browse through images of their past successful installations for confidence and inspiration.

Trust of Customers 

Thousands of happy customers vouch for the quality, service and execution capabilities of Officebanao. You can check their genuine online reviews for user experience and peace of mind before finalising.


Officebanao is a one-stop solution for all your office PVC ceiling design needs with their vast design options, installation expertise and customer centric approach. Plan to engage with their expert team today for a seamless ceiling design and installation experience.

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